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February 23, 2021, 07:40 PM

“I had no idea it could do that…”  A Behind the Scenes Look at Changing Developer Awareness and Perception to Accelerate Global Adoption.

A talk by Jim Katsandres
Director, Developer Relations, Bluetooth

The adoption of new technology and features is a process, and not a single event in time…and can often be challenging.   Any misperception, misinformation, or lack of information, at any stage of the adoption process can slow or derail its acceptance.  In this talk, we will take a behind the scenes look at the tools and techniques we are using to dispel some of the most common myths around Bluetooth® Technology (that its short range only, its only for consumer devices, it’s not meant for critical and demanding uses).  We will also look at how we are engaging with universities and startups to help ensure the next generation of developers and product creators can utilize its full capabilities for their new products and services.

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